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Hello Folks, just recently my kids and I took my car to a car wash - one where you can stay in the car. This is not very common in Germany. Anyway… towards the end of the process I took the following picture with my brand new iPhone 5S from within the car. I found the resulting image so amazing, I couldn't resist sharing. Hope you like it is a much as I do.

Abstract #001Abstract #001Abstract Face painted by water and light in an odd place. A car wash!

Taken with my new iPhone 5S.
 Click on the image to see it in full size!

Maybe this is the start of a new series of abstract images … you never know!


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The ride ... This blog shows the latest news on top.




Today, I want to share some impressions from a Cooking Event at Möbel Urban In Bad Camberg. 

Great culinary experience and lots of fun!



Hey, just returned from a 10 day vacation to Scotland with my family. We were fortunate to spend 4 days in a very nicely situated castle near Tobermory on Isle of Mull - Glengorm Castle. 

Glengorm Castle #4Glengorm Castle #4

It was our third trip to Scotland and won't be the last. 

A selection of images is located here


Also added a gallery from our trip to Berlin and to a nice museum in Speyer!

Berlin Wall  Speyer 


Enjoy and leave a comment in the guestbook, if you like the photos :-)






Its been quiet for a while - my new full time job is keeping me very busy.







But meanwhile, some work which I did together with a very good friend of mine can now be seen here:

Very interesting stuff, especially if you are interested in authentic experience of music or if you are an audiophile.


and more images on my website here:







Happy New Year!

Large printed images of the Dec 8 concert in our church are now installed for display in the "Katholische Pfarrheim St. Peter and Paul", Bad Camberg. This is the location where the choir assembles for rehearsal on a regular basis.

Not a true commercial success yet, but a nice intermediate milestone :-)





Hello There,

in the recent weeks, I had a few opportunities to take photos during music events, for example at a pretty good Jazz Festival in Neuwied (Germany) 

with some really awesome Jazz artists, like Omar Hakim and Marcus Miller. 

Marcus Miller in NeuwiedMarcus Miller in Neuwied


The music was unforgettable.

I've captured some impressions here…




Our local choir of the St.Peter and Paul's Church in Bad Camberg hosted a concert with Orchestra and 4 solo artists on Dec 8th 2013. And I managed to sneak into the upper balcony right next to organ pipes to take photos. Quite an amazing view from up there. 


Send me an email to [email protected] in order to request access to this link:


Merry Christmas and a happy 2014!

See you soon, M




Hello Friends, 

Having been an enthusiast photographer for many many years, I felt the time was right to address a broader audience with some of my work. I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many places of our world during vacation but also on business trips. Often I was lucky to find a bit of time to capture the moments while on the road. For me it's a great hobby to relax from an extremely busy work & family life and to be creative. Now I'm taking my first step towards commercializing some of my photography and wanted to take you on the ride.

Bad Camberg - Glockenspiel im AmthofBad Camberg - Glockenspiel im Amthof mit Obertorturm im Hintergrund

During a few occasions in this summer and fall, I took some beautiful shots in my home town Bad Camberg. I decided to create postcards which are different from what I found in the local book shops and tourist shops. This project took shape and finally - I have selected a series of 25 images which are now available as postcards, foldable cards, as gift sets and as large prints. For this first commercial project I am teaming with a perfectly located book store in the center of our town.

Link to  gallery :

The support and encouragement from my friends and family to follow my passion has been great. Thank you all. 

Stay tuned!



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